Casino Floor Team members — The Frontline

Casino gaming floors are a distinctive and particular destination for a work. We work hard to be attractive to all comers, providing something interesting for everyone. The work doesn’t stop here, however. Once they’ve made it to your Jago33 property we need to fulfill our guest’s needs and expectations. In a perfect world we will, but the hectic gaming floor is far from a perfect world. Balancing a guest’s needs with Federal, State, and Tribal regulation can lead to confusion and frustration. What do we do then? Try keeping this quote in mind the very next time you’re in this situation.

Frustration is never without a reason, but hardly ever with a good one. — Benjamin Franklin

The atmosphere we work in everyday is very charged. Our guests are winning and losing their hard earned dollars on the gaming floor. Team members are doing their full capacity to handle guest needs and follow a washing list of internal controls and procedures. Without question, at some point we will all see some level of frustration occur. It’s inevitable. How you handle that frustration makes all the difference.

Most people will become defensive at the first sign of a criticism, in particular when the issue is inclined to you (You shorted me $20. 00!, You don’t have enough staffing!, The ATM didn’t give me my money! ). When dealing with these situations, you can’t take it personally. Most often, the guest is upset about something that we, as a property, are failing to provide. The head in front of them happens to be you, so you’re the property representative.

Many times they don’t realize a possible solution. Give them your options they have and invite them to choose their own solution. (I’m sorry Mam, but we will need identification for this transaction. We accept State ID’s, Passports, etc… ). They may not be pleased with the policy, but at least they’ve been given a clear explanation in a professional manner.

So the point, then? Replying defensively to a guest concern places you in an antagonistic role with them. Providing methods of them with an explanation shows an awareness of concern for their situation. The frustration they bring with them when they finally reach you is oftentimes the result of other issues, or just frustration due to lack of knowledge. Keep this in mind when dealing with them, avoiding bringing frustration of your to the situation. We can’t win them all, but I expect that we give some of our guests (internal or external) our best effort. Involve Supervisors and Administrators when necessary, and handle those that you can on your own. They will appreciate your time and efforts and grow much more likely to return.

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