How to Walk Out of the Casino With a lot of money

The allure of the casino is just too much provocation for mortal man. Nevada and Atlantic City are like financial magnets pulling cash from the pockets of their customers 24x7x365. Many of us enjoy going there and wasting a few hundred on Jago33 whatever game takes our particular fancy. Roulette, Craps, the Video poker machines. All very popular games of chance because they’re really easy to play as well as being fun and exciting.

Well here is a view into the world of a professional gambler. A professional follows one main rule. He only plays games in which he’s an edge. Games having a positive span. Period. No conditions. In other words, a professional gambler will never make sure at a chop table, or anywhere near a roulette wheel. And a slot machine game? Forget about it. That is the worst game of all. In most casino games the house has the edge. Also sure, anybody can get lucky and make a quick score. But an average of, with every spin of the wheel or throw of the chop, the house is making money.

Games Where the Player Has an Edge

There are only 3: Poker, Ponies, and Blackjack.

Poker can give you an almost unlimited edge. Over the long term, that is, not including a lucky draw against you on any given day, the good card player will take money consistently from the less well off card player. One’s capacity to make money at the game depends far more on knowledge, experience, and skill that on fixed chances dictated by the laws of mathematics.

Sure, there are chances in making any given hand based on the cards drawn and the cards played. But there is also the area of the game that involves reading your opponent, playing him or her, bluffing, playing tight, and so on. You don’t get to do them in roulette. You simply spin the wheel and the harsh laws of mathematics lead. You are always operating on the wrong side of the chances in that game.

The ponies (i. e. thoroughbred or harness racing) is another game where the chances can be squarely working for you. Once again, knowledge, skill, and experience is able to keep you on the right side of the ledger on most days. Just as with poker, you can sit out a hand (a race). You can choose to play only when you’re edge is strong. You can also pass backgrounds where the chances are insufficient to make it a prudent guess. Then, when you see hot chances on the board for a horse that you know has a much better chance of winning than the public is giving it, you can pounce!

And then there is Blackjack. A player well-versed in the chances can steer along, playing the game correctly, making all the right moves, and look after small edge that the house assure to him insurance agencies hitting on teen where the player does not. Make no mistake about it, it’s a slow. Also you can, and will, hit a skills here and there and make a heap. But you will equally hit losing blotches, even when you are doing everything right and lose a lot of it back again. Such is the life.

And this is the real life of a professional gambler. Significantly less carefree and easy going as it can certainly appear to the casual onlooker. Because every day he must get up and steel his mind to the fact that today he might have to endure one of those bad blotches. He may be playing at the top of his game, doing everything right, but he may take a bad beat on the turn, his ponies could easily get nosed at the cord, or the blackjack cards may be against him all day.

It takes a strong mind to withstand that day after day. And it isn’t very pleasant. Many a good gambler has dropped because his pockets just weren’t deep enough, the tension finally got to him, and he began making silly mistakes.

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