Making the most of Social media for your Sports Website

So you own a sports website, huh? Whether it be a Yankees blog, a sports forum, a good Flickr page filled with sports photos, there is no such thing as saturation. That is, success is dependent upon how willing you are to outwork the next guy and create content that readers will value. Some will claim that SEO is the best way to drive traffic, however, it is just not enough. Here are a few tips and strategies to help you generate more traffic for your sports website via social media.


Creating a fan page of your website is essential. Invite all of your friends to join. Be sure to link your Facebook fan page to your website so that visitors can become a fan of your page. This is vital.

Once again, let’s say you keep a Yankees blog. Scour Facebook for all of the Yankees Facebook groups and join them. The official Yankees group has more than 3 Million fans that you could potentially connect with. On the occasion, post a link to your website on the walls of these groups. However, be careful, these groups will sometimes ban you from posting on their walls if they perceive you to be a spammer or if you post constantly.

Another strategy would be to search for all of your favorite athletes as well as minor leaguers within a certain team’s connection. Request to be their friend, you will be surprised at how many need your friend request. Of those athletes that accept your friend request, try without exceptions to include them in a blog entry. An example would be “Top Triple-A Yankees Prospects”. Post a note on their wall requesting that they visit your website to check out the entry you wrote about them. In return, their friends will now see this link, many of which are certainly fans of the team you are writing about.


The key to driving traffic on Twitter is locating, following and then getting together with people within your niche. Check out the profiles of professional athletes and start following their followers. Do not follow celebrities and sports writers. They rarely follow back and never even notice that you are a following them. Find other sports blogs on Twitter and begin following their followers. The more people you follow, more than likely, the more followers you will accumulate. While Twitter does have ratios that they like to keep between those you follow and those that follow you, there are plenty of Twitter applications that will assist you to see who is not following you. Eliminate them.

The main rule of social manners on Twitter is to be audio. Respect other bands opinions, ask them questions and respond to their ideas. You are there to drive traffic, but in order to do so, one must develop and build relationships. ReTweet often, inquire into other posts and recommend other Tweeters to your followers. Especially on Fridays.

While I really do not practice this plan, creating a controversy will drive traffic, take as an example the creator of WikiLeaks. If you are Yankees doodlekit, try getting into Twitter arguments with Celtics Red Sox and New york Mets fans. Hey, it might just work in your favor. Just make sure that a permanent link to your website is included in your profile.


LinkedIn is a much wider monster than Twitter and Facebook in terms of its audience. The average income of a LinkedIn user is circa $109, 000 annually. The majority of the users will be decision makers who are very educated. Lewis Howes is one individual that we recommend for everyone to get familiar with. He is the LinkedIn master and is a noticeable figure in the sports world.

The first and most vital step is to complete your LinkedIn profile 100%, which includes uploading your resume. Like Facebook, LinkedIn has groups. Join those specific to your niche and topic of your website. Nearly all LinkedIn groups are going to require approval for you to join.

You will notice that like Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to leave status updates. When you have a new blog entry that you would like to share, attach your blog’s link, and type the name of the title. After your status has been updated, you will notice another button towards the bottom that says “Share”. By hitting share again, you will be able to share with you your link with ten groups simultaneously. Please make sure that all posts are relevant to the group’s content and goals.

Once again, Search engine optimization is not enough. When you write quality articles and readers value your content, steady channels of traffic are guaranteed. Choose a topic that you are passionate about, it will never seem like you are at work. There are plenty of bloggers making solid earnings online, you must have the drive and now how to use the tools in front of you.

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