Sokyo Casino Restaurant Design With Welcoming Spaces

Sokyo restaurant, located within the Star, Quarterly report, is a stylish venue with a welcoming, playful edge. The restaurant’s name, a blend of Quarterly report and Tokyo, demonstrates its innovative menu that combines traditional Japanese people and modern elements. Sokyo’s design is created upon the same dewapoker blending together of elements. Guests of Sokyo find themselves immersed in an atmosphere that brings this blend alive with warmth and elegance. Clever, artistic use of space is a vital design element that brings alive Sokyo’s vibrant, energetic and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Sokyo casino restaurant design is made up of dynamic series of dramatic spaces that welcome guests to enjoy an intimate, stimulating and fun dining experience. This amazing use of space initiates curiosity and cards guests to relax. Each distinct space combinations with the next to manufacture a harmonious environment. From the entrance and bar to the private kitchen, guests can be obtained a seamless experience.

Guests are welcome to Sokyo by a sleek bar evocative of modern, urban The japanese. Private sitting nooks offer guests an awareness of intimacy and comfort. Manga graphics, dramatic lighting and splashes of color improve the modern ambiance, offering overall look and promising a memorable, fun experience.

Moving from the bar to the main kitchen brings guests into a contributory space that reinterprets facets of old The japanese from a modern perspective. The main dining area features classic wood tones and sleek, elegant furnishings. Flax colored string dipped in black printer is all around the area, creating a pattern that represents Japan’s mountainous landscape. Diligently placed dramatic lighting recreates the region’s late afternoon appeal. This artistic element immerses guests in an intimate, sensual atmosphere of approachable elegance.

From the main dining area, guests are allowed a view into the private sunken kitchen. This fleeting view initiates curiosity, promising an exotic space beyond. The changeover from the main kitchen to the sunken kitchen is seamless while allowing guests to experience an awareness of escape. Entering this second kitchen, guests find themselves enveloped by a fog up of over 2000 individual rules stopped from the threshold. This soft, striking element is based on a computer type of an upside down Japanese people landscape. The varying program plans of string create a luxurious bunch of figure that offer the space an in depth, intimate feel. Concrete walls contrast with the natural fibers of the string, creating a blend between the natural and the urban commensurate with Sokyo’s theme.

Completing the series of Sokyo’s warm, creative spaces is the elegant private kitchen. Sokyo’s signature mix of modern and traditional elements continues in this exquisite room. Sleek, elegant furnishings in classic tones match dramatic contemporary lighting for a striking effect. The threshold features modern anime art that evokes the spirit of modern Tokyo. This private kitchen is an appealing retreat for guests needing to host a private party.

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