Tips for Be prepared for Your Piano Exam

Whether you are a new piano player or a full-time professional, assessments can be a strenuous and often daunting task. Each quiz has its separate 2022 Waec expo challenges. However, if you prepare for your assessments correctly, it could mean the difference between passing and failing.

For this example, let us pretend that we are sitting for a Grade Six piano quiz. Allow record represent that we have sat and passed a Grade Six quiz. Although granted Used to do not pass it well — this became caused by severe lack of preparation prior to the quiz. Used to do not put the time or effort into my preparation for this music quiz. I can assure you from first hand experience that you need more than quarter-hour practice three to four times a week to effectively prepare for a Grade Six piano quiz!


At this time you should be doing approximately one hour’s worth of practice a day, five days a week. In your selected pieces you should be able to at least press all of the right notes. It is now time to start developing your pieces from a series of notes to a piano masterpiece. Concentrate on things like expression, character and ” pulse “. Put some feelings and feeling into your pieces.

You should also profusely study all of your theory and weighing machines. Many times weighing machines and theory are neglected at this time and are only revised about a fortnight before the quiz. This is a terrible mistake! Remember the more you study now, the more you will retain this information, thus having a better chance of remembering the mandatory knowledge during your quiz.


It is time to in the anti a bit. You should be spending one and a half to two hours practicing a day, six days a week. It is now time to lessen all of the minor flaws in your waste music. Practice things like getting that tricky triplet appearing fluent and making sure you hit the F sharp with your fourth finger rather than the 5th. These issues might seem minor, but it will help you profoundly with your quiz.

Practice without the linen music in front of you and see how well you go. During your quiz if you rely too heavily on your score, I can guarantee you will stuff up. Learn your music off by heart.
Also, make sure that your quiz becomes your number 1 priority. Try not to be distracted by other issues in your life. Do not become distracted by relationship, financial or other conditions that might divert your attention from your quiz. You will become stressed and worn out, and you will not perform at your potential.


Now is the time to just practice, practice, practice! I would recommend doing between few hours per day by now. You will have all of the knowledge required for the quiz. It is merely a matter of revising it for your quiz.

Whilst we are working and studying hard, we must remain relaxed. Input it into perspective; it is only an quiz. There is no need to worry about it 24/7.


Most people on the night before an quiz practice for 5-6 hours, studying until some ungodly hour in the morning. This is a big no-no! At maximum you should only play through your pieces once. What I love to do is pretend I am actually sitting for the quiz. So i would do my weighing machines first, then my pieces in order, and then do some view reading.

Don’t try to do any eleventh hour version for your quiz. Chances are you will only put pointless pressure on yourself and more important you will only have a small opportunity to remember it for your quiz. Do not get distracted by other things in your life. Your piano quiz is tomorrow — devices can wait another day.
Relax! It is essential that you get a good night of sleep. I would recommend that you get 8 to 10 hours solid sleep if you can pay the luxury.


Do not do any work, whether it is piano related or not. Do something fun that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. Watch a movie. Kick a sports ball. Do whatever you want.

Try to eat a healthy breakfast. However, if you suffer from butterflies in the stomach, i always suffer from profoundly, don’t try to force anything down. It will only comes straight back up! (Trust me! )

I will say it again, RELAX! Don’t think about your quiz. Don’t try to think about your theory, weighing machines, pieces, fingering etc. etc. Do not think as to what you have and haven’t done for your quiz. This will get you all frazzled and this will seriously hinder your quiz.

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